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Are you or your business interested in a sponsorship?

Would you like to gain exposure at the same time?


We have sponsorship opportunities available!


For as little as $25, we will install a plaque on the arena fence

notating your contribution.

We also have space available for a vinyl sign, beginning with our

Platinum Plus level sponsorship.


Please download a sponsorship form to get started!







Current Sponsors


















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Risch-Thorbahn Drainage

Whiteman Land Service - Curtice, OH

Sheahan Family Farms - Curtice, OH

Dick & Louise Petersen

Rich & Emilie Petersen

The Mathews Family

St. Benore Financial Services

Rollin & Kelly Hetrick

Chad Dipman

Kara Branum

The Knieriem Family

Cathy, Mike, & Hannah Johnson

Sonseeahray Western Store

Tim Sutherland Services

Holman's Homers

Roy & Corrie Harvey

Emery / Slovich Family

Bob & Kathy Steinmiller

Sutherland Family


SAN-OTT Draft Club

Mike George - Excavator - Curtice, OH

Nettie's Trucking - Gibsonburg, OH

dimech services, inc.

Terry's Auto & Truck Repair - Williston, OH

Adam, Janet, Emma, & Wyatt Steinmiller

Chippewa Tool & Mfg.

Dave Perry & Jim Kusian

Sharon Snow-Branum

Bill & Cindy Wagner Family

Carolyn Karnes

Barrett & Jan Henley

Grau Motorsports

Co-Pilot Counseling

The Velliquette Family

Debbie Baumgartner & Sandy Hopfinger

Dipman Family

John & Tammy Shaw

Roger Lewis

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